Chairman’s Message

Dear Parents,

I welcome you and your child to a new experience in education. An experience that will leave the both of you with a new outlook on life. INDUS NATIONAL SCHOOL (I.N.S) is a vibrant and welcoming learning community, committed to creating the best possible educational experience for every child. We aim to enable all children to reach their full potential.

One of the greatest gift a parents can give to their children is good education.

We established Indus national school with a sole objective of providing the best possible education leaving no stones unturned.

Schooling should be about independent development of each child with focus on identifying latent talent and encouraging it to achieve excellence.

In this current context of globalisation, it is vital to maintain harmony and communication between the parents and the school authorities as our childrenwill be moulded by the environment and motivation provided by school as well as home. We look forward to your continuous interest andco-operation to make the Endeavour a success.

We seek your participation, guidance and blessings!

Dinesh Joshi
Chairman, INS

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